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I never thought I’d write, of all things, a “food blog”, but really wanted to share my passion and love of Dr Pepper with all of you!


I have drank Dr.Pepper for at least 40 years and started experimenting with different kinds of recipes that included Dr. Pepper this past year. I thought if a guy like me could blog about food then anyone could. I’ve been cooking a lot of my adult life and enjoy trying new recipes.

I realized, a while ago, that cooking is just like carpentry. You have to have some basic tools and supplies, or basic cooking utensils and ingredients. Once I realized it was so closely linked, cooking became something that was enjoyable and challenging rather than daunting and unattainable.

I was pretty methodical about the process. My first recipe comes from my love of the BBQ. I knew if I made something that enhanced my BBQ , that I would stay interested. So I went looking for that perfect BBQ sauce recipe. The recipe I’m sharing is one of my favorites and very easy to do. So I thought I’d start off with that.

I’m a simple guy and like simple ingredients.

Dr. Pep Chef

Blogger, Journalist, Taste-maker

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